"In Our Country”…”The United States Of Freedom”…it is FREEDOM itself that is most treasured and the central value our country has and offers its people! To inspire them TO “aspire”, “achieve”, and “fulfill” their own hopes and dreams! As me, my life and career itself shows testament of and to! Thus, I've written, composed, arranged, produced and performed these songs of my music as modern day pop-groove “Anthems" for a New Age of generations, for the New Millennium of Americans!!!  "New Millennium American Anthems" for the New Generations…as well as for our honored several golden multi-generations come before, and still appreciating their “freedom" here, "In Our Country"!!!


These songs are my dedications to "Our Country”, as an Anthem to be used by all Americans in the observance of the original premise of what our country was founded upon: FREEDOM!! Which our GREAT leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Cesar Chavez and countless other modern-day freedom fighters fought and gave their lives for ALL AMERICANS to be FREE and have EQUAL RIGHTS (no matter color, race, religion, sexual orientation, political affilation, etc.)!!


These Anthems are created for every 4th of July and moments of celebration of our country and its core fundamental purposes…


.....Take a look and listen to these songs…written and performed from my heart, spirit, soul and mind…to enjoy in the observance of the ORIGINAL premise of what our country was founded upon way back when!…




Jonathan Moffett